What we do!

Great Oaks provides supportive, palliative and end of life care programmes according to the ongoing and changing needs of the community, All of our services are provided free of charge.

​Have you been diagnosed with an illness or condition that is:

- ​Progressive in nature
- Currently affecting your quality of life

This could be cancer, or advanced heart, renal, and airway diseases; Neurological conditions such as Motor Neurone Disease and Parkinson's disease.  Perhaps you have a chronic condition that is now getting worse and is likely to shorten your life.

​We may be able to help

​Do you need support to adjust to the changes you need to make to live with your illness or condition? We can offer care and support especially at times of crisis such as:

- Shortly after diagnosis
- When treatment is found to be no longer curative
- To support everyone involved as they come to terms with this change
- At the very end especially if you wish to be cared for at home

How we do it

We would discuss with you just what is affecting your quality of life right now, and then seek a way to help you address your challenges appropriately, through use of hospice services or by putting you in touch with others better placed to help.​

What Services can we offer?

​This will depend on what you and/or your family need and within the resources we have available.  We provide a range of services both within the hospice itself and, under certain circumstances, within your own home.

Supportive Care

​Is available from the time of diagnosis onwards and extends to the individual and to their family.  It includes:

- Those recently diagnosed and currently undergoing treatment leaving them emotionally and physically exhausted
- Carers coping with the daily needs of family and friends who are seriously ill. We provide an opportunity for people to be heard and their concerns listened to.  Staff can also help with liaising with other services to provide maximum support if required, as well as providing care and a personal touch to the carer. 
- Bereaved carers coming to terms with their loss

Then Great Oaks is here to help you.