All events that support the hospice are detailed on this page, with further details shown when available. Please click on any of the posters to view a full-size PDF available to download!

Online Quiz

We’ve now been doing our quizzes on a weekly basis for several months, we’ve covered a multitude of different topics, and featured music from the 60’s right up to date.

We have a hardcore of loyal fans that play every week and although there is competition, there’s also a fantastic community support, both congratulatory and sympathetic to those you may have had an off round or week. There’s also a lot of good natured banter, usually aimed at me, when I slip up! If you can’t join us live on a Friday evening from 7.15pm by going to the Facebook Page Soundtracker Roadshow Reviving The Original Vinyl Disco as shown on the poster. It doesn’t matter, you can do it whenever suits you, but please let us know how you get on! If you have an idea for a round, please feel free to share it, I promise not to totally evade your initial idea!